WELCOME TO TYREE INTERNATIONAL TI PRODUCTIONS: What do we do? Produce a music that is profound and full of live experiences. It varies from romance, dance, funk, jazz, rap, rock, gospel and all music from the soul. How do we do it? We do it old school mixed with new school. We compose all orginial songs-- play real instruments and use new and old technology to get the best sound. Why do we do it? We do it first because we love the art. Secondly to enlighten others who appreciates fine sounds. Third to take music to a different level. Business based in Maryland, USA THESE R&B / NEO-SOUL CD''s ARE ON FIRE. THEY ARE A MIX OF R&B, NEO-SOUL, DANCE, RAP, AND JAZZ. (YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT). ALL SONGS BELOW ARE PRODUCED, ARRANGED, COMPOSED, RECORDED, ENGINEERED AND PERFORMED BY: TYRONE TYREE "Dr. Tea"