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Producer, Composer, Song Writer, Musician & Businessman. What does he do? " I produce a music that is profound and full of live experiences. It varies from romance, dance, funk, jazz, rap, rock, gospel and all music from the soul." How does he do it? "I do it old school mixed with new school. I compose all orginial songs. I play real instruments and use new and old technology to get the best sound." Why does he do it? "I do it first because I love the art. Secondly to enlighten others who appreciates fine sounds. Third to take music to a different level." History: Tyree International TI Productions was officially founded in 2004 by Tyrone Tyree. His experiences from over 25 years in the music business lead him to build a family business. Quote: "Businesses are build on hopes and dreams--but to be successful you must always be focused and keep the Faith in God". Tyrone Tyree 2004 Tyrone Tyree, MBA Regis University, Denver Colorado Business based in Maryland, USA LONG BIO --Tyrone Tyree grow up in the State of Virginia where he was surrounded by music from his mother who is a choir Director and Pianist at his Baptist Church. His mother, her two sisters, cousin and friends had a gospel group that performed in many churches and events. He was also introduced to Soul and R&B from his uncle who directed a Soul band during the 60's and 70's & 80's. He also had another uncle was also a top notch musician who played international. --Tyrone started first on the piano where his mother gave him lessons--but he really wanted to play things by ear. He started playing around with several instruments in his house, church and at his uncle's place. (The instruments consisted of bass guitars, electric guitars, pianos, organs, drums, and a PA system & microphones) --After a few years of playing around he found that he could really make good sounds from these resources. He started playing organ and bass guitar in the church with his mother. He also wanted to play with his uncle's Soul band but was to young to get into clubs. --He and a good friend (Charles Dudley-now owner of the Kandy Yam Records label) started a R&B band while in High School that played cover tunes. --After graduation from High School he decided to joined the Air Force and traveled to many states and countries. During this time he performed live in many bands and recorded music with many great artist. He played Gospel, Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Country. --He also completed three degrees from College during his stay in the Air Force. His highest degree being a Master's of Business Administration. --He now works in higher education in Financial Services. He also records and performs his own original music. He founded his own productions company "Tyree International TI Productions." This is the company that he uses to produce his music and music from other up and coming artist.