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Hot off the press Baby. I told you a few months ago that the arstist "Tyrone Tyree" would have some hot tracks for you soon. Well people it is here. The new CD titled "Ring a Ding" is out and in stores now. I got my copy a few days ago and the entire CD is hot as the samples that I talked about a few months ago. My favors tracks on the CD are "Ring a-Ding" and "Sex Sex Baby" I also like "Mine" but believe me all tracks are just as hot. But you don't have to take it from me CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF. I talked with some people from Tyree International Productions and they told me that the CD has been selling like crazy--so much that they are closed to back order. I'm glad I got my copy.

I will keep you updated on the this new CD.

Remember you heard it first from me.
Katblair, VP, TIP
KABLAIR, TIP (Nov 4, 2009)
Look out fans. TI Productions is working on another project-- Tyrone Tyree released his first solo CD in 2005 and his second in 2006. He has been burning the midnight oil and is projected to release his 3rd CD in Summer 2007. I was honored to hear a sample of the new CD and I must say after hearing just a 30 second clip--- I had to holla DAMM that's hot. If all of the songs on the CD is half that good -- Tyrone Tyree's new CD will be off the hook. You heard it first here. I will keep you posted on new updates on this project.
Kablair, VP, TIP (Dec 9, 2007)
TI Productions informed me that Tyrone Tyree and another close friend that is also a song writer and musician is working on a 6 song CD. These songs are lost songs that were written & recorded a few years ago. They will be digital remixed from the original recordings and released for sale. I hear these guys wrote some nice songs. Look for this project to be released in a few months.
Kablair, VP, TIP (Dec 5, 2006)
Tyrone Tyree released a SEXY REMIX of his first CD titled "That's The Way Love Is". He produced, arranged, composed and performed all parts in this CD. You must add this CD to your smooth & Sexy CD collection. kab
Kablair, VP, TIP (Mar 17, 2007)
Tyrone Tyree is a music genius - He produced, arranged, composed and performed all parts in the CD Titled "That's The Way Love Is". He engineered, recorded and pre-mastered all songs. He did all art direction and design to the entire CD. His family and friends all knew why he was called "DR. TEA". Now the world knows why. He's truly a madd music scientist. The songs in this CD sends a vibe that can clearly smooth the mind and soul.
kablair,VP - TI Productions (Jan 1, 2006)
Flash news: Tyree International TI Productions is in the process of recording a new CD for the Madd artist Tyrone Tyree "Dr. Tea"
KAB - KAB-TIP (Jan 25, 2010)
Flash News: Tyrone Tyree "Dr Tea". is scheduled to speak with KAB about upcoming CD and Video. Stay turned.
KAB - KAB-TIP (Jul 4, 2010)
FLASH NEWS: Tyone Tyree says he plans a new release in the near future. "I am in my Maryland studio writing and recording like crazy. I am taking my time with it because I want to create something different for my fans. Peace and love to you all."
KAB - KAB-TIP (Aug 29, 2010)
Flash News: Tyree International TI Productions is in the process of choosing songs that Tyrone Tyree has written for his a CD and also approving funds for a new video.
KAB - KAB-TIP (Sep 15, 2010)
Birthday party planned for Tyrone Tyree "Dr. Tea" from staff @ Tyree International TI Productions. Party held in the Tyree International TI Productions VIP room. September 21, 2010.
KAB - KAB-TIP (Sep 21, 2010)